About the Job

The Front-end Developer provides top level development of front-end components for web applications required for each project while maintaining the highest level of team collaboration and communication. As a Front-end Developer, you will be responsible for coding, documenting and testing Front-end portions of web applications fully integrated into various .NET based Content Management Systems. Most of these applications are created for our clients, with some applications being in-house, providing an endless supply of interesting, fulfilling work. We work using an Agile project management methodology, with deviations where required for our clients.

A typical day might start with a brief stand-up meeting about “Project A” before beginning your work. Another stand-up meeting for “Project B” might follow later in the morning, and then you are again back to the highest priority tasks you have. You will have constant access to your team members through Slack and online-meetings for collaboration. An occasional client meeting about requirements could be added but generally, the Tech Lead will handle much of the client communication leaving you free to do your best work.

Weekly expectations include delivering agreed work on time and communicating early if any potential blockers arise that could impact the timeline. An important aspect of being part of the team at Coretegrity is the three hours per week of blocked learning time. This means you will be given three hours each week to pursue new or improve existing knowledge on areas that will help you, your team and the company. Finally, with the exception of required meetings, which we keep to a minimum, you can work when and where you choose so long as your deliverables are on time and you're available to your team and clients when needed. Code reviews are a regular part of weekly life at Coretegrity.

 As a distributed company, most team members are remote from one another. In order to maintain close bonds with your team members, it is important to have regular, in-person contact; and we have twice-yearly company get-togethers at fun locations to brainstorm and bond.

You need deep experience with:

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Javascript with at least one framework (Angular, React, Vue)
  • At least one source control application (ie. Git, VSTS, SVN)

You need some exposure to:

  • At least one Content Management System (ie. Sitecore, Sitefinity, Kentico, Umbraco or similar)
  • Web security best-practices
  • Accessibility standards

It would be fantastic if you have:

  • Deep experience with the Content Management Systems listed above
  • More than 5 large-scale, verifiable web projects launched


About You

  • You have verifiable experience in creating large-scale front ends for web applications.
  • You value excellence and the constant pursuit of improvement.
  • You value team above self. Period.
  • You never say “good enough” (in any language).
  • You are open to travel for company functions and possibly, though rarely, client requirements.
  • You have complete mastery of your ego.
  • You love to work as hard as you play.
  • You agree with Leonardo DaVinci that "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
  • You practice complete ownership of your tasks, team, client and company.


About Coretegrity

Coretegrity is a Digital Agency founded on different principals than most. Coretegrity was formed in response to an overwhelming number of requests for help by clients who were duped, cheated or otherwise short-changed by unscrupulous agencies. Our absolute core value is Integrity. We expect the highest integrity of ourselves, and we ask the same from every member of the company.

While we believe in the constant pursuit of perfection and excellence in everything we do, we also love to have fun doing it. We are a high performing group of individuals who have a passion for people and technology. We accept nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction and work very hard to stay ahead of all customer requests and expectations. Doing all of that while bantering in Slack or in conference calls, sending each other tokens of appreciation, and covering for our team members who fall sick or have a personal challenge is what we are about. People first, people last, people always.

At Coretegrity, you are family, you are a team member and you are valuable. We value people who are constantly thinking of how we can be better and how they can contribute to that. We value people who think about how they can make their team better. We value people who think about ways to make our clients happier. We value people who have passion and compassion. Some of us are work-a-holics, some of us have the work-life balance figured out and all of us know that at Coretegrity, it’s people first. When you combine the pursuit of excellence with a people first philosophy, it’s amazing what can be accomplished every day.


If this sounds like what you've been looking for, reach out today with your resume.